I’m Learning a New Language: Toddler

Dear Erin,

It DID rain here last week. For one day. Well, for part of one day. Little Mister enjoyed it.


This seems like another one of those instances where we all wish we could barter the weather across the country – we’ll take half your rain and in return give you ten 75 degree days next summer.

Little Mister can’t express himself as well as Munchkin yet, so he’s not asking about red clouds as far as I know, but he is starting to pick up the pace on language. How about a short LM translation guide?

Shoo : Primarily airplane, but really anything that flies through the air, including puzzle pieces and magnets shaped like sharks

Cuck : Truck; also ambulance or construction vehicle

Butty : Either button or bunny

Hoddy : Horse; also donkey, zebra, and giraffe

Kays : Keys (boy’s got some Southern in him for sure)

Kkkkkkk : Drink

Haymoo : Hippo

[Snorting noise] : Pig

But he’s starting to come up with words I had no idea he knew, too. Today we were looking at The Very Hungry Caterpillar and I pointed out the egg (he knows that word), and then he pointed out the moon and the sun and named them. I had no idea he knew those, especially the sun. Pretty soon he’s going to be reading his books to me.


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