Finishing Touches

Dear Erin,

Has she considered being a fairy cucumber? It seems unlikely that anyone else would be dressed as the same thing.

Our plans for the Little Mister’s Halloween costume are a little more defined because he still has no say in it. I’m so impressed these days that Mom used to sew our costumes every year. That was a lot of work! LM will be wearing an almost normal outfit, and I only need to create a coat, and it still seems daunting. I’ll take pictures as I go and let you know the gruesome details. Should make for some amusement.


Speaking of crafting, last night I finally wove in the ends on what I was knitting for Little Man, so it’s in the bath now. I was starting to get really worried about the sizing as I saw how small it was turning out, but then I remembered that I made it one size bigger because it was coming out so small. So it really needs to only be the dimensions of the size 1-2, not the size 2-3. So that means less stretching of the fabric after the bath. (It still needs to loosen up noticeably, though…)

Other than that, I’ve finished a book – Longbourn, by Jo Baker. It’s one of those Jane Austen-adjacent novels. In this case, the main characters are the servants of Longbourn in Pride and Prejudice. Maybe not a transcendent book, but a quite decent read, actually. I find that one of the things that turns me off to most novels in this subgenre is that the authors too often try and fail, fail, fail to adopt Austen’s voice. It’s either stilted or pretentious, it’s usually trying to be funny in stupid ways, and the characters she’s created almost never do well in the hands of others. They just don’t have the same life.

In this novel, Baker doesn’t try to ape Austen’s narrative voice, and her main characters are her own – or at least, they’re just shadows in P&P, so what’s she’s done to fill them out doesn’t impinge on any original material. The main supporting characters from P&P – Elizabeth, Wickham, Mr. Bennett – are in fact well-imagined. Elizabeth acts like she should and speaks like she should. Wickham is right, as well – psychopathically selfish. And the backstory imagined for Mr. Bennett adds some believable depth to his character, although I think he is punished excessively in the end. Anyway, not a bad world to spend some time in, and the first novel I’ve read in awhile that I enjoyed more than I was critical of.


Final bit of news is that I spent Friday and Saturday at a women’s retreat for our church, and it was so very nice to get away for a little while and think my own thoughts, eat my own food, spend time with friends and know that LM was fine but that I didn’t need to keep an eye on him. He did give me the cold shoulder when I came back, though. Just for a little while, but he wouldn’t look at me or smile until I tickled him a little. Poor kid. He’s over it now, though.



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