At Least You got Him Into It

Dear Erin,

You’re right, I don’t have a sewing machine. I do, however, have a few ways to work around that.

Let’s talk today about something I’ve already created, though.


The sweater!

Poor Little Man doesn’t look very happy, does he? He’s just a little too big for it, although it might do in a pinch for a couple weeks. Maybe.

The pattern is called Sweet William, and it’s supposed to look like this:

Hmm, none of the kids wearing this seem super happy; maybe I should take the hint. So, yeah, that teal blue mess around the yoke is supposed to look like bunnies. The problem is that I’ve never done color work before, and it’s a skill that (apparently) takes some practice to master the muscle movements – specifically, holding the yarns loosely enough to not bunch up the fabric and make it constricting. I’ve more or less mastered the basics of lace, cabling, fabric and (really basic) garment construction. It was time to add something new to the mix.


You can sort of see one of the bunnies here. (If you use your imagination.)

I did enjoy the process, and I liked the pattern, so you might be seeing it again in a couple of years – hopefully better done. I’ve got the yarn to make one for Little Mister in the meantime, so at least I’ll have one more go at it before inflicting it on you again. (I’ve also got the yarn leftovers from this iteration to make a bigger size if you like it and want it redone.)

The yarn is Mirasol Yarns Sulka Legato (in “Taupe” and “Teal”). Didn’t get gauge, as mentioned before, accommodated for that – I thought – and it still came out really tiny. Also: wool, alpaca, and silk, so not terribly practical either, but I JUST COULDN’T HELP MYSELF. The yarn was so soft and pretty and went together so well. Didn’t think they would work for my boy but figured yours could rock the colors.


So here’s the whole thing, and you can see how it draws in around the shoulders, which it’s not supposed to do.

But whatever, it was a learning experience, and it not being perfect is not the end of the world. It’s fixable if we want to fix it and eventually replaceable if we don’t.

Not for awhile, though, because the list of things in front of it is fairly alarming in length, considering my speed (or lack thereof) these days.

And first on the list is that coat, which has an actual deadline, as Charles helpfully reminded me the other day – not a “mostly dead” line or a “not-quite-dead” line.


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