What’s Been in the Works

Dear Kristen,

I think the costume looks awesome! Its so wonderful that you have friends who provide access to a machine – but maybe I should drop hints to Charles about potential Christmas gifts…(Charles: Hint, hint.)

So today, I’m sharing something you already know about, Kristen. So feel free to skip to the end. But its something I’ve only REALLY made public this past week, so I figured I could finalize the publication of it through here.

I opened a shop. Not like an actual walk-into-a-building shop. An Etsy shop. As mentioned here before, I enjoy making gifts for people, particularly baby blankets for expecting friends; I’ve done it for years. And for years I’ve considered the idea of selling them online, encouraged, no doubt, by the enjoyment it seemed to bring my friend Katie of One Delightful Button. So this year, Matt and I thought, why the heck not? Just try it and see!

So I am. Stealing Sugar (my shop) sells baby blankets and burp cloths that appeal to our more unique, some might say “nerdy,” tastes. (And by our, I mean you and me.)

So thinking about our loves (literature, traveling, geekery) I’ve produced a line of blankets and burp cloths that make me smile. They are a combination of cozy flannels coordinating with fun cotton prints that fit my themes. In my head, they are witty and whimsical – not your more common baby trends like chevron and foxes (though those are CUTE). They might take more explaining for people to understand the vision in some cases, but when I saw these fabrics I thought, “Now that’s fun!”

I’ll be including a link to Stealing Sugar on Etsy in the side bar for those of you who are curious, but to give you an idea of what’s there, here’s some of the offerings:

Pride and Prejudice


Because we LOVE Jane Austen. (The fabric features all the homes in Pride and Prejudice.)

Peter Pan

IMG_3551(or Classic adventure literature – but I definitely thought –Ooh! Tiger Lily! Lost Boys! It may be because we love Neverland around here…)

Doctor Who

IMG_3584Because we LOVE Dr. Who(Psst – There’s some more Who variety headed to the shop in the next couple of weeks…)


IMG_3640Because I love maps. And you love London. It was a no brainer.

And geeky things like:

Computers (Love you, Charles!)


the Periodic Table


and robots.


So there you have it – a sampling of my little experiment. Its fun! Different than anything I’ve ever done before (not the sewing – the business) and in the end, if nothing sells – I’m set on baby gifts for a while!

If you’re interested in purchasing or just perusing, you can follow me on Facebook (Stealing Sugar) or Instagram @stealingsugar. You’ll be the first to know of sales and new patterns and items added to the shop.


PS – A friend of mine from Florida lives in Sacramento now, and she opened up a Sewing Studio. I know it’s a little far for you to go, but thought it was a neat idea! If there’s a place like that near you, you could try out different machines to see which one Charles should get. (Charles: Hint, hint.)


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