December is Going. Maybe Not Well, Though.

Dear Kristen,

Isn’t it fun how easily havoc comes to kids?  They have no idea what they are doing (or possibly they do) and before you know it, you’re up a creek without a paddle.  And you thought you were riding on the train – you packed for that – not a creek.

I know EXACTLY what you are feeling.

Let me give you a glimpse at the havoc worked by a 4 year old and a 15 month old here in the Old Dominion.

Dec. 1 – Little Man is recovering from four shots the day before (CRANKY) and is teething (EXTRA CRANKY)

Dec. 2 – Munchkin gets paint all over her shirt. She was painting with a smock on. Little Man got lunch all over his clothes – so I put him down for a nap with no clothes.  (Remember; he sweats!) Come in – no diaper on.  Wet bed.


Dec. 3 – We’ve been painting – but Munchkin insists on wearing her new Christmas/Winter outfit that has a white shirt.  I tell her she needs to change her shirt while we paint and then she can put it back on when we’re done.  Tears ensue.  I admit confusion – “Why are you crying?” Continues uninterrupted for awhile.  Verdict = Keep the shirt on, we’ll paint another day.

Dec. 4 – Was at family’s house, getting a little time to sew by myself.  I can hear Little Man crying – non-stop.  Teething.  Still.

Dec. 5 – I was out of town.  I’m sure there was havoc, but no one told me a thing…

Dec. 6 – We are in the house for 10 minutes before all the toys are out of the toy box.  Munchkin refuses to eat dinner. She goes to bed BEFORE her 15 month old brother.  I follow shortly afterwards.

Dec. 7 – Wake to screaming, Little Man. Teething. Still.  Leave for Preschool after a 10 minute crying fest.  I said “something mean.” Confession = I asked her to change either her pants and wear a sweater or change her shirt to long sleeves.  I feel like this isn’t mean – its 40 degrees outside.  I stand corrected.

Redeeming things to the month:

  • Little Man says “bye-bye!”
  • He also plays peek-a-boo by himself, which is VERY cute.
  • Munchkin is excited every morning to open the flap on the Advent calendar.
  • We are painting – presents.  (Can’t divulge anything else about that…) Obvi.
  • We got a chance to serve this past weekend at a camp – and it was a blast.
  • Everyone is listening to Christmas music, not just us.
  • We’ve entered fire season.  (This is different from your fire season, I realize.  Fireplaces only, people.  And maybe some firepits.)
  • We’ve got a majority of our Christmas gifting taken care of – which is wonderful.
  • The Christmas tree is up!  (No ornaments, but lights and a star.  Great start!)

If I get more giggles and twinkly lights alongside it, bring on the havoc!



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