The Controversial Christmas Present

Dear Erin,

Enjoy your fun day out today! In the meantime, let me tell you about Little Mister’s newest Christmas present. Warning: this post may be uncomfortable for grandmothers.

A little context: this kid is a climber.


If there’s a table, he’ll be on top of it. Also beds, counters, couches, pianos, high chairs, mommies. Anything he can scramble up.


These chairs are super fun to jump across from one to the other!

One of his favorite words is “jumping!”

And it’s just a little too cold and wet to be outside on the playgrounds. There are inside places I can take him to burn off energy, but we can’t be out of the house all the time.

So his father bought him this:20160108_082844

Yep, that’s an indoor jungle gym. And all I see when I look at it is our own version of your most recent adventure with Little Man.


I’m going to just put an old comforter underneath it and after this try to hold my tongue (although I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on him). And keep giving him lots of calcium for those bones. Because a kid’s gotta do what a kid’s gotta do, and this one’s always been a thrill seeker.

But I’m starting to think we’ll be more than lucky to get out of childhood without our share of medical emergencies.


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