Some Time Away

Dear Erin,

I know all the snow is a hassle (at least, I know it abstractly; snowfalls are not a normal part of my life and never have been), but you make it sound both fun and cozy. And you got a proper snowman out of it, which is impressive. I remember our little snowman that we built on the side of the road one year on the way to New Hampshire for Christmas and how much work it was. That was, what, thirty <cough, cough> years ago?

So no snow here. This is what it looked like this weekend.


I feel slightly guilty posting this picture at you, but you’ll notice it’s not stopping me. I took the weekend off. Left Little Mister with Charles and went to a church women’s retreat. And it was lovely. Both outside.


You can just see the rainbow starting to form above the wave.


My phone is very artsy on my behalf.

And inside.

20160123_173524The speaker was good, the seminars were pretty good, the fellowship was very nice. It was a good break until Sunday, when I got to come home to this little monster


Sorry, not the best quality picture.

and his dad, who had sent me lots of pictures of them having fun over the weekend so I could relax and not worry about them. A thoughtful man, isn’t he?

Since then, I’ve been working on something that looks like this:


No details yet, but I’m guessing they’ll be a bit late getting to you, because whether or not the snow at your place slows them down, the monster at mine is also a very effective hindrance to such as this.


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