Marching Into Spring

Dear Kristen,

Pardon the pun-ny title.  We’re only a week into March and I’m ready for spring to BE HERE.

March is hard for me, a Florida girl.  You have days like this one:



perfect for kite-flying and short sleeve shirts.

Then its followed by snow two days later.  Not enough to stick around, just enough to let you know that winter really isn’t over.

But I’m hopeful that this month will bring new fun and exciting things as we await spring, like…

  • Little Man talking!  (He now says “Moo.” Kinda.)
  • Little Man’s final teeth coming in!
  • Peonies growing in the garden!
  • Spring Break!
  • And raccoons!

Wait. What?  Raccoons?

Yes. There was a raccoon in our yard.

Which I didn’t see when I let Gibbs outside.  But Gibbs was QUITE interested in it.  As interested as a wolf tracking a deer….



I’ve actually never heard tree used as a verb, until Saturday.  It was the appropriate verbiage for the raccoon’s experience.

Then Gibbs thought she would treat herself to the bacon grease as a reward.  Along with the aluminum foil. But that’s a story for another day.

Welcome March.  I’m ready for you!


2 thoughts on “Marching Into Spring

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