Ooh, Shiny!

Dear Erin,

Maybe Gibbs is keeping you busy so the time until spring finally arrives doesn’t seem so very long. I’ve been thinking about spring here: the bug to have everything clean has bitten, although not so much the bug to make everything clean. I just need to track down one of those fairy tale cleaning services – “house cleaned and items repaired while you sleep!” Or maybe some startup here in the valley is working on a self-cleaning house and needs someone to test their prototype. I’ll ask Charles to look into that.

Also, I have a slight case of “startitis,” (the desire to start new project after new project after new project without finishing any of them) which comes every now and then. Maybe it’s due to spring, maybe something else.

I’ve started two new books recently: first one, and then when that one required a little brainpower, the second. I also started Little Mister’s Christmas stocking:

cross stitch 1

I really wanted to make him a Christmas stocking, both because that’s a tradition in our family and because Mom’s have always come out both beautiful and personal. It might have made sense for me to knit him one, since that is my chosen craft, but I just didn’t like any of the ones I saw patterns for. So I’m cross stitching it – a craft I haven’t done for years – and while I know the finished product will be worth it, I also know I won’t be returning to this craft as a habit. It’s a lot of work for a tiny amount of progress at a time.

So, of course, in addition to that, I also had to start at least some knitting:

rust mobius 1

And I’m already second-guessing this, too, so I’ve been toying with the idea of also starting about four other projects, not to mention various organizing and decluttering projects also simmering away in my fantasy life. (I have a 2-year-old; my fantasy life only has to do with making my real life easier right now.) You know, because that means anything will actually get done, especially if I keep second-guessing what I’m doing and ripping it out.

So right now, it’s all about the shiny and new. I’ll need to stay away from stores, because if this goes on, the next time you hear from me, I may have tried to buy out the stock of every book, gardening, furniture, craft, clothing, and housewares store around. A lofty goal, but probably not one I should pursue.



2 thoughts on “Ooh, Shiny!

  1. I’ve never done cross-stitching (except for tiny things in school to try) but the picture of your beautiful project makes me reconsider…even if I might have trouble finishing it. Because finishing is a bit of a problem with every project.

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