Dear Erin,

Yesterday we had a crisis at church. And by “we,” I mean Little Mister and me.

But let me backtrack and set the scene. Our church just opened the new children’s building – like, last week they opened it. And it’s a really nice, really functional space with all new everything. Gorgeous. They haven’t quite gotten to all the landscaping yet, perhaps because there are plans for putting in a playground in the not-too-distant future.

And it rained here all weekend. Rare, and much appreciated, rain. Lovely stuff; couldn’t do without it.

Well, three days of rain + a space that has recently been a construction site =


Mud, mud everywhere. Not a problem for someone with common sense, but who ever said that 2-year-olds have any common sense?

So he was chasing a friend around on the sidewalk in front of the building and decided to take a detour into the more “natural” area just beyond the sidewalk. Result on shoes:

mudtastrophe 2

The mud just sucked those little feet down; he tried and failed to get free and ended up:

mudtastrophe 1

Luckily he sat down in it instead of face-planting, so it was just his pants, shoes, and hands that were covered in yuck.

You know, sometimes I think I’ve not developed great mothering instincts: I let strange dogs who seem friendly come up and sniff my kid’s face (thus worrying all the “real” adults close by), and I laugh at him in the mud instead of taking pictures instead of running immediately to somehow hose him off.

I didn’t make him wait very long, though, both because he was starting look distressed instead of merely confused and because I didn’t want Charles to notice that I was just letting him sit in mud. The trick was getting him changed and cleaned up without destroying the brand new furnishings in the brand new building in the process, but with the help of a good friend (who also had a convenient garbage bag in which to stash what you see above! Now that’s parenting instinct and preparedness), it was kept to a minimum. He had no socks, but wonder of wonders, we actually had an extra pair of shoes with us, so even that wasn’t a big deal.

So, short-lived mud-tastrophe. Dramatic but ultimately not too much of a problem. And highly amusing to me.


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