Geeking Out – Space

Dear Kristen,

“My” Doctor is #11.  Or #12.  I love them both! Although familiar with Doctor Who for awhile it wasn’t until #11 that we sat down to watch it and became, well, geeks.  So now, we don’t miss episodes, our children know the Doctor is a superhero, and I design and sew things that pay homage to all things timey-wimey.


So it makes sense that there would other things in space that I “geek-out” about.  (As is true for many of those who love the Doctor, it seems.)  If it takes place in space, in the future, and involves snarky people – I’m in.  I have very vivid memories of watching William Shatner and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise in our family with Dad in the 1980s.  You and I both got Ewoks for Christmas one year, and mine is currently sitting in MY family room.


And Matt and I started watching Castle when it first came on because we loved Firefly.

And so I am ALL FOR other members of our generation who have grown up loving this genre and are now actors, directors, etc., who have revived these things with much love and care.

New Star Wars episodes? Yes, please.  Star Wars spinoffs? Absolutely.  A THIRD new Star Trek movie with all the same crew members? I’m in. (And although not space, another Bourne movie with Matt Damon and another Reacher movie with Tom Cruise – we are EXCITED! Maybe I should write about how I do NOT geek out over rom-coms and probably haven’t voluntarily seen one since the early 2000s.  I’ll stick to Disney and action, thank you very much.)


As true space genre geeks, we are training our children to carry on that love.  Munchkin chose to spend her money on Star Wars figurines.  She was convinced (for a while) that the button for the warning lights in the car was a broken button that turned the car into a rocket ship.  And the world will end if Miles from Tomorrowland ever goes off the air.



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