Geeking Out – Potter

Dear Kristen,

Pushing Daisies was SUCH a fun show!  I loved the colors, singing, and weirdness, too.  Plus I like pie, so the idea of endless pie is, well, awesome.  There’s a cookbook I still sometimes glance through and wonder, would this be as good with GF crust?  I think I should try it out more.  Mrs. Rowe’s Little Book of Southern Pies. Deee-licious!  And if it had a recipe for Crack Pie like the one sold here, it would be the perfect dessert collection.

For those of us who like pie, that is.

My next (and silghtly belated) geekery is one that is the fave of pretty much everyone over the age of 22. And many under the age of 22, too.

Harry Potter.

(I did meet another 3o something who was only just NOW reading the books for the first time, now that her children were in elementary school.  I was flabbergasted to say the least.)

Harry. Potter.

It is AMAZING in book form, AMAZING when read by Jim Dale, and pretty great in movie form.  (I know I just offended someone by not describing the movies as AMAZING, but the first few are just okay.  The last ones are AMAZING, but the series overall grade is an A-/B+…which is not failing, so I feel good about this.)

To show you how I feel about these books, let me give you some facts.

  1. I have only pre-ordered two books in my life.5128atd9dsl-_sx418_bo1204203200_51by71ubtal-_sx329_bo1204203200_
  2. When the Deathly Hallows arrived, I shut myself away from my husband for 2 days to read it, taking a break only to go to work.  And he was okay with it.  Because then HE got to read it.
  3. When Mud-Blood Prince was released in America, I was in Ireland.  And I couldn’t wait until I got back to the states to read it…so I bought the grown-up looking Brit version.  I get warm flutterings in my heart when I see it, EVEN THOUGH it messes up the symmetry on my bookshelf.IMG_3884
  4. And now there’s Fantastic Beasts coming out and I may not be able to wait until it comes to Red Box.  AMAZING.

Seriously though.  Harry Potter is AWESOME!  Like, really, who doesn’t want to delve into a book so imaginative that it started a whole new style of books for kids/young adults?  And its EPIC.  And its QUIRKY.  And it has twists and surprises NO ONE could have guessed and they work perfectly.  How many children have been born and named Harry because of these stories?  People who were fans from the beginning are now having children and spreading the love for them.  I know people who had a real (though illogical) hope to receive an acceptance letter to Hogwarts when they turned 11, only to be disappointed.  So fun! (And funny – I think those children need a lesson in fiction vs. nonfiction….)

I love it.

And as soon as I finish the book I’m currently reading, I’m going to start reading them all over again.



3 thoughts on “Geeking Out – Potter

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