About Us

We are two sisters born and raised as “crackers” – native Floridians, born to Floridians- who now find ourselves far from the Home Place.  Kristen lives in California and Erin in Virginia.

This blog will explore how we are making life happen outside the Sunshine State without losing our original identity.  And it gives us the chance to do something together that isn’t constrained by long flights and carry-on baggage!

Erin is the younger sister, wife to Matt, and mother to Munchkin.  She spends her free-time enjoying coffee, sewing, crafting, and laughing at her daughter.

Kristen is the older sister, wife to Charles, and literary expert.  She spends her free-time writing, knitting, cooking, and reading her sister under the table.

IMG_8749 kandc_about

Erin, Munchkin, and Matt

Kristen and Charles


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