Just Daily Life

Dear Erin,

It’s Thanksgiving this week, and I’m not exactly sure how that’s possible. I seem to have lost most of the year, which I’m aware plenty of people would say is not much of a loss. But Captain Wiggles (and a lot of other babies I know!) was born this year, so it hasn’t been all bad.


Six months already!

And Little Mister is turning into quite the little boy. Going to the movies (!!! We took him to see a special Mickey Mouse event – two episodes of a TV show, not a full movie. And he had a complete meltdown later in the day. Worse than I’ve gotten from him in a long time. I blame overstimulation, so I don’t know that we’ll be repeating this any time soon.):


Requesting macaroni and cheese for breakfast:


Playing on the big kids’ playground:


(Mine’s the one in the red hat.) And doing the odd bit of motorcycle maintenance:


And, hey, I finished a project! Put it on the boy before taking any pictures, so now it has to be cleaned and repaired before I share it here, but hopefully on Friday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Geeking Out – Disney!

Dear Erin,

School has started, so summer must be over. I’m glad about that; for a lot of reasons, September was welcome this year. We’ve had a few days recently that have even felt a little like fall here.

But before we trade in popsicles for jack-o-lanterns, there’s one last entry in the summer series to go. What’s the last interest I have a history of geeking out on? Why, Disney, of course!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my interest in Disney is nothing compared to a lot of people you can find on the Internet. But I could – once upon a time – sing every word to every song from Disney’s major animated releases from The Little Mermaid to Mulan and plenty from before then.

And you could, too, fellow Disney geek, so don’t pretend otherwise.

We all have our ways of expressing our love. Some people dress in costumes, some Disney-fy their normal wardrobe, some memorize the movies, some memorize the songs, some create their own works in response (see: WAY too many things on YouTube).

And some lucky stiffs get to go to the parks on a fairly regular basis.


One of the benefits of growing up in the Sunshine State and still having family there is that I have been to Disney World more than I probably should have – not that I’m complaining – enough that at one point, it got a little boring. (First world problem, I know.)

But it’s not boring any more!





A fantastic first trip for the boys. But it makes for a bit of a long day:


Bring on the Disney! It’s going to be fun to geek out in a whole new way.

Easter Fun

Dear Erin,

There is no way Little Mister is getting a drivable firetruck; we live on a steep hill. The only place to drive it is down to destruction. Luckily though, after church,

Drunk soldier

and a delicious Easter brunch (no photos of deliciousness), the Easter egg hunt was a success!

Found egg

Note the boots. Entirely unnecessary and still the first choice of the boy.

Here was his basket:

Egg basket

The trucks were an immediate hit this morning when he saw them, and the jelly beans just flummoxed him more than anything. He tried a strawberry-flavored one (at least, I think that’s what it was; you know how it is with jelly bellies) and seemed to like the taste but was less impressed by the texture.

To be fair, I didn’t know until today that jelly beans could have an expiration date, which explains why I didn’t check for one before buying these. Oops. They were apparently a little old, and I’m not sure why Target was selling them in the first place, but I’ll have to let the kid try some decent candy to make up for it. (You can ignore that sentence, Charles!)

On a completely unrelated note, I happen to know that Easter candy is on sale starting tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll be buying any from Target, though.

But dyeing the eggs was fun for me; hunting them was fun for LM; and he found all 10 of them this afternoon, so no sulphuric surprises for us in six months. Happy Easter all around. Yay!


I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means

Dear Erin,

Today we went to a friend’s house for an Easter Egg Hunt!





Looks like Little Mister had a good time, doesn’t it? Like he really got into the spirit of the thing?

This is the second time we’ve tried a hunt this year, and it’s just not happening for him. Oh well, I plan to enjoy him for Easter: I’ve gotten him a nice outfit, and I bought white eggs for boiling and coloring; and the thought of those things satisfies me. Maybe we’ll try another hunt with those eggs on Easter Sunday, all by ourselves. (It should be a real challenge in our back yard.) Hope springs eternal!

Long Days

Dear Erin,

So it had been chilly and rainy here for awhile, and we got prepared.


New boots, which are too big for him, but which he loves to bits. Then suddenly last week, that all blew over and we’ve had warm, sunny days to enjoy. Little Mister and I have been taking advantage.


At the zoo. There was a tortoise in there, but LM wasn’t super interested. He much preferred to be throwing rocks rather than looking at animals.



At the madhouse church playtime. He was a lot more focused this week than he had been previously: he spent a good amount of time at the train station, and then took this shopping cart on a tour of the entire facility.


What with all that, playgrounds, fun with friends, and no longer taking naps regularly (sigh), it’s enough to wear a kid out.