On Phones

Dear Kristen,

I love that Little Mister required boots for egg hunting.  If only you knew that was the magic component on those other egg hunts!  They are the cool kid accessory for all hunting adventures – next adventure, FROGS!

Do they have frogs in your neck of the woods?  Maybe its too dry?

I still think a fire truck is a good idea.

Easter here was delightful! We found eggs inside due to the rain and cold, enjoyed church, and drove to see family where there were more eggs to find.  It was a lot of fun – Munchkin found all her eggs, dutifully passing by the ones hidden obviously for Little Man.  And then Little Man stole her eggs and she was obliged to “find” his in retaliation.


And then I dropped my phone in the toilet.

Though certainly far from perfect, I’m the most responsible person in the house for maintaining important items.  I’m not “neat as a pin” (I like piles), but I’ve a pretty good handle on where things are.  I don’t typically lose things, break things, etc. and in fact am asked where other people’s things are when they can’t find them.  My track record is pretty good.

Not so much anymore.

I’m not even sure how it happened, really.  It was in my hand.  I blinked.  It was in the toilet.  Luckily, a clean one.  I grabbed it immediately and we set to work drying it out.  Except we couldn’t find the rice (we were not in our own home) so we had to make do with Easter grass.

Which isn’t the best for drying phones.

Well, to cut to the chase, the phone was fine except the sound didn’t work.  It kept assuming it had headphones stuck in it, so you couldn’t hear the videos we’ve recorded or my music or the ever important Apple trailers or the brushing teeth timer (aka the Disney app for timing your kids’ brushing.  Its magical.  Like rain boots.)

It also wouldn’t notify me if someone was texting.  So….it had to be on vibrate.  Which means I had a serious case of “phantom ringing” for awhile there.  You know, you feel a little vibration in your pocket and you dutifully take out your phone to respond, only to see that you have no messages.  And sometimes you feel the vibration in a pocket that has no phone in it?

Yeah.  I’ve officially gone crazy.

But we did have a Tuesday miracle.  The sound started working last night.  We celebrated with ice cream!


And then the brushing teeth timer was back in action!




Easter Fun

Dear Erin,

There is no way Little Mister is getting a drivable firetruck; we live on a steep hill. The only place to drive it is down to destruction. Luckily though, after church,

Drunk soldier

and a delicious Easter brunch (no photos of deliciousness), the Easter egg hunt was a success!

Found egg

Note the boots. Entirely unnecessary and still the first choice of the boy.

Here was his basket:

Egg basket

The trucks were an immediate hit this morning when he saw them, and the jelly beans just flummoxed him more than anything. He tried a strawberry-flavored one (at least, I think that’s what it was; you know how it is with jelly bellies) and seemed to like the taste but was less impressed by the texture.

To be fair, I didn’t know until today that jelly beans could have an expiration date, which explains why I didn’t check for one before buying these. Oops. They were apparently a little old, and I’m not sure why Target was selling them in the first place, but I’ll have to let the kid try some decent candy to make up for it. (You can ignore that sentence, Charles!)

On a completely unrelated note, I happen to know that Easter candy is on sale starting tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll be buying any from Target, though.

But dyeing the eggs was fun for me; hunting them was fun for LM; and he found all 10 of them this afternoon, so no sulphuric surprises for us in six months. Happy Easter all around. Yay!


I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means

Dear Erin,

Today we went to a friend’s house for an Easter Egg Hunt!





Looks like Little Mister had a good time, doesn’t it? Like he really got into the spirit of the thing?

This is the second time we’ve tried a hunt this year, and it’s just not happening for him. Oh well, I plan to enjoy him for Easter: I’ve gotten him a nice outfit, and I bought white eggs for boiling and coloring; and the thought of those things satisfies me. Maybe we’ll try another hunt with those eggs on Easter Sunday, all by ourselves. (It should be a real challenge in our back yard.) Hope springs eternal!

Center of the Blog

Dear Kristen,

Definitely know what you mean about being the center of the world.  Little Mister is living the dream!  (The dream being that time of life when all eyes are on you and you have no insecurities that would make you cringe at the thought.  And people bring you everything you want, too.)

When we started the blog, we thought it would be a place where we could talk about crafting, cooking, knitting, etc.  And there’s been some of that for sure.  But looking at all our posts – the majority goes to the kids.  They are the Center of the Blog, so to say; fitting, since they take up a majority of our real life time, as well.

"I am VERY serious about feeding these chickens!"

“I am VERY serious about feeding these chickens!”

Hey, Mommy.  I threw up everywhere last night.  Happy Easter!

“Hey, Mommy. I threw up everywhere last night. Happy Easter!”

"Hey Mommy and Daddy!  We are the best, aren't we!"

“Hey Mommy and Daddy! We are the best, aren’t we!”

A Good Day

Dear Kristen,

The day is almost over, but I couldn’t pass it up without commenting on the importance of the day.

Today is a Good day.

Good sometimes gets a bad wrap – including by me at the beginning of this week!  Why be good when you can be great, awesome, or stupendous?  I feel that’s what our culture says about a lot of things.

In school, B’s aren’t good enough.  Playing one sport a year isn’t good enough.  No one can be good enough.

Which is completely true.  If GOOD is the epitome – who can manage?  I certainly can’t.

Luckily there was one person who could – Jesus Christ.  There is no one good, except Him.  The only good that resides in me or comes out of me is because of Him and what he did on this day so many years ago. This GOOD day.

He died.  For me. For everyone.  So we might know that we aren’t good, but He is.  So we might live, when we should be the ones to die.  So we might no longer feel the effect of sin.  HE’S THAT GOOD.

And Good Friday is all about that.

If the story ended there, it wouldn’t be very good, would it?  But we wait in anticipation for Sunday – the Best Day of the Year!  He was SO GOOD that death couldn’t hold Him.  Sin didn’t win!  And now I (and anyone else who believes) can know that goodness that is so complete.

Earlier this week, I was given this quote from C.S. Lewis – and in light of what is today….I thought I’d share it with you.

“If you want to get warm you must stand near the fire: if you want to be wet you must get into the water.  If you want joy, power, peace, eternal life, you must get close to, or even into, the thing that has them.”