The Mildly Interesting Adventures of a Distracted Baker

Dear Erin,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day was filled with family, fun, and (really good) food. Little Mister kept asking if we were going to have our Givings today. And we did have “givings” with good friends, which made my holiday unexpectedly easy (relatively speaking). See, I had expected that we would have our own little meal with our own little family, but what with one thing and another, I only made dessert (my favorite course of food to make) instead of turkey, potatoes and all the trimmings.

This was a good thing because just making two desserts took me most of the day. The first choice was apple pie bars – an easy version of apple pie, and a pretty sure thing because I’ve made it several times and use labor-saving devices like pre-made crust and the food processor.

For the second choice, I wanted to try something new. Another pie, because I had heard the words “There can never be too much pie” from someone we would be dining with. And chocolate seemed like the logical choice, as it would balance the fruit and bring a different set of flavors to the table. However, none of the chocolate pie recipes I found struck me. What I normally would have done is made Grandma’s Southern peanut butter pie, but it’s been so long since I made it that I didn’t even think about that.

Let’s play a game. Can you guess what kind of pie I made? Here are some clues.


Got it yet?


How about if I told you I heard about this pie from you? On this blog? This year?

And it’s not chocolate or fruity or peanut butter or nutty.

Give up?

It was Crack Pie (although from a different bakery than the one you mentioned in the post that made me decide to try it). I thought, if Erin likes it, it’s probably pretty good.

It was pretty good. (I tasted it before we left, just to make sure.)


Not to worry: the recipe made two pies. This one was crooked in the oven so not pretty so not going with us. So used for quality control. (Yummy yummy.)

I used the recipe I linked to above, and it was easy enough to do. But there was just one little problem – baking the things. I followed the directions. Set the oven to 350, bake the pies for 15 minutes, open the door and drop the oven to 325, and when it hits that temperature, cook for another 5 minutes or so.

Except my version of that directions continues. “Then cook for another 5 minutes.

And another 5 minutes.

And another 5 minutes.

And another 5 minutes. Pies may be starting to brown on top.

And another 5 minutes. Remove the one that is disturbingly dark but still not set.

Cook the last one for another 5 minutes and hope for the best.”

Anyway, I guess they came out more or less right. No one eating them copped to having heard of crack pie before, so hopefully no one knew any better. They still tasted good to me, but they were too sweet for Charles, so I probably won’t keep the recipe.

How about something completely different? We went to the museum on Monday, where Little Mister got to try on his Halloween costume from an alternate reality


and Captain Wiggles got to spend some quality time with his favorite person in the world


Talk to you in December!



Dear Kristen,

Tomorrow we celebrate what we’re thankful for – and there’s plenty to fit that category.

What am I thankful for?  Here’s a small sampling of five –

  1. Jesus
  2. Family
  3. Being an American, a Floridian, and a Virginian
  4. Laughter
  5. Munchkin’s morning jam sessions



Dear Kristen,

I’m looking forward to Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who as well, though I won’t be able to watch it on Saturday.  Hey!  You want to watch it for a second time with me for my first and then tell me what you think?  That would be fun.  And let’s have some turkey and apple pie to watch it with.

Or popcorn.

Anyways, this week has been good overall but I must admit that I feel a little blah.  I don’t know if that’s  a result of this being a week sandwiched between two vacation adventures or the way the weather is switching up daily (cold, hot, cold, rainy, warm – make up your mind!) that’s given me a cold, or what.  But I’m tired.  Even after getting a whopping 11 hours one night this past weekend – tired again.

I just want to put off all the things that need to get done, watch some Pride and Prejudice BBC style and consume foods that I shouldn’t.  But alas, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

But that’s okay, because Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means adventures and fun!  Do the work I do now, the attempts to clean and NOT procrastinate mean that I’ll have less to deal with during the holiday – and that is a great thing.

Specially, ’cause there will be pie. And popcorn.


An oldie – but goodie.