First Day of Spring

Dear Erin,

I guess this will be the year of the Never Ending Winter for you and most of the country. Isn’t this week your “spring break”? Would it be more appropriate to rename it Winter Break, pt. 2? Or would that make it just that much more depressing?

In light of your last post, I almost feel guilty about what I’m offering for today. Almost. You’ll be here in a couple of days, and maybe these pictures will give you something to look forward to.

First, a picture of the most recent crafty accomplishment.

Little One Viking Hat 1


The pattern is Viking Hat, by Becky Veverka, and the vertical band of rivets was a modification of my own based on the ideas of some other people; the yarns used are basic wools in basic colors to be found in any crafting superstore. It was kind of fiddly putting it together, but now that it’s done, it’s totally worth it, so I’m very happy with this success.

(And don’t tell anybody, but I think I might have figured out the dragon, too. Time will tell.)

The rest of the pictures are from the walk Mom and Dad and I took on Thursday. We went to Alum Rock Park, which I had never visited, despite living only about 15 minutes away. It was a beautiful day and a fresh, green walk – and that green part is saying something around here.

ARock1 ARock3 ARock5 ARock6 ARock8 ARock7 ARock4 ARock2


I’ve been missing out!





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