My Mother’s Day Present

Dear Readers,

As you might have figured out from the previous post, there has been a change in personnel here at Crackersisters:

LM and bro

Little Mister has a little brother!

And, as with our previous additions, we’re going to take a few weeks off to rest and recuperate and reset our lives. I, at least, have to figure out how to juggle two kids as well as Erin does. Without dropping them.

When we return, we’ll have the summer ahead of us, a summer series or two may be in the offing, and hopefully we’ll be a little more consistent in our posting – it should be easier without storks dropping off little boys on the doorstep.


The Last Mother’s Day Gifts

Dear Erin,

So I told you on Monday that I would share something related to Mother’s Day today. I wasn’t expecting to share this:


so we’ll postpone that for the time being, shall we?

Instead, I was expecting to share this:


This is Hunter Hammersen’s “Loasa lateritia cowl from her book The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet. Knit in Cascade Kid Seta in color 08. Unblocked in this picture because I didn’t know if any potential negative changes in the yarn due to that would be made up for by potential positive changes in the lace. Besides, I’ve been busy since I finished it.

This is one of those patterns I fought with. It’s entirely my fault that I ended up starting this four times (!!). The first two, I was both inexperienced and trying to outsmart the pattern. The third time worked, but I set it down for a long while then cannibalized the needles for a different project, so I really didn’t know where I was when I came back to it and needed to start over for the last time.

The product is pretty, but I don’t plan to do this one again. Four times is enough, right? And it’s a pretty simple pattern, carried over a lot of yards of laceweight yarn.

I gave this to Mom for Mother’s Day. It’s only, um, four years late or so. Hopefully she doesn’t really mind too much. So that’s two cowls for two mothers this year; a good start to the year’s gifting.

The More Things Change

Dear Erin,

April 28th. Has it really been so long since we’ve written? Is this spring fever? Or senioritis? Or writer’s block? Who knows.

Things do happen around here, although even with changes, some things stay the same.

big smile whole foods

Little Mister keeps getting bigger, but he still loves his berries and will eat his weight in them if allowed. This explains the messy face in the above picture.

cheesy vacation pose

He’s tall enough to pose for cheesy vacation-type photos, but that’s only for a second during the constant movement (always) called for by playgrounds.

loving mr cow

And Mr. Cow, while always A favorite has now become THE absolute favorite cuddle buddy, necessary for sleep (and pretend sleep), as well as for watching Mickey Mouse.

I hope you had a sweet Mother’s Day and got a bit of a break as well as some lovely presents. Mine was quite nice, and, even better, I have something related to it that I’ll share here on Friday. In the meantime, Mr. Cow is enjoying his own well-earned rest, despite the fact that the card companies have yet to create a Stuffed Cow Friend’s Day. (You know it’s coming, though.)

Mr cow takes a break

Helmets and Goslings

Dear Kristen,

I hope Little Mister’s sense of balance is improving!  Though little boys should have lots of bruises and scrapes and mud puddle splatter.

Little Man has a number of those on him consistently.  His legs and feet don’t seem to go at the pace his mind wants them….

Today is rainy, but yesterday almost felt like summer!  So we met up with some friends for some practice scootering (a purchase she made all on her own at a yard sale) and gosling sighting – and feeding.


Balance is a Good thing, Right?

Dear Erin,

You know how they say bad news comes in threes? Or sometimes it seems like every event and conversation in your life has a theme, like God is trying to tell you something very clearly? Or, on the other hand, something random comes out of the blue and, as I used to say, smacks you upside the head?

Yeah, my life has been nothing like that lately. Instead, things seem to be working in a gentle balancing act this spring. Let me give you some examples:

  1. We got a new dining / game table and chairs. We’ve needed them for a long time, and we love them. Yay!
  2. Little Mister has already fallen off one of the chairs and has also banged his head on the corner of the table. Boo!
  3. Friends watched LM while Charles and I had a nice dinner out like adults. It was delicious and fun. Yay!
  4. Little Mister dropped the top of a pot on his toe, causing blood, crying, an impressive bruise, and temporary forced inactivity on his part. Boo!
  5. I’ve had all kinds of deliciousness lately (because of my birthday last week) – chocolate, strawberry cream cake – Yay!
  6. Little Mister fell off his jungle gym yesterday and landed flat on his back. Wasn’t hurt, but he did scare himself and me. Boo!
  7. I’ve started a new sweater for Little Mister, which is entertaining me mightily (and making me ignore certain things that have actual, impending deadlines). Yay!
  8. Little Mister fell off the bed (this was the same day as the cookware incident). Boo!

Okay, maybe there is some kind of theme going on: the child obviously needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap, for his safety and my sanity. I mean, look at two weeks ago! That attitude of letting him explore is coming back to bite me. Unfortunately, it’s still our consensus that that’s probably the best long-term approach – although this past week it has not felt that way.

Bring on the chocolate; I’m going to need it for the foreseeable future!