An Alphabetical Check-In

Dear Kristen,

Writing blog posts has been hard for me lately.  I don’t know if its the pace of life or a lack of intelligent thoughts or a poor balance of my time that is the root.  I imagine its probably a combination of all of them, but as I am sitting here pondering my week and what I can say about it…..not much comes to mind.  So I thought I’d do a Check-In in brief snippets.  Snippets are easier for me to produce today than a longer, perhaps more readable story of our life, but its all I got.

(To spice it up aesthetically, I made it alphabetical.  Except I didn’t have something for EVERY letter.  I promise that the omission of K is not a reflection on my education, but rather my lack of creativity.  I cannot think of anything that starts with a K.  Except you and K-cups.  And this is to you. And I don’t have a Keurig.  But I am going to go fix a cup of coffee, because, well…(sigh) read C.)

Our Past Two Weeks  – An Alphabetical Snapshot

Attitude – finding that line between politeness and rudeness is not Munchkin’s current strong suit. We’re working on it. (As well as my own attitude towards this.)

Burp Cloths – designing them. Sewing them.

Coffee – three cup days. Occasionally four cups. (Don’t tell Matt.)

Dinners – nightmarish. No one under the age of 5 wants to eat them.  I promise, they’re actually good!  And the small people HAVE eaten them before.  But they don’t want to now…

Easter Dresses – they are out at Target and I just oohh and aaahhh.

Frigid – the temperature of the air.

Grocery Store – when making a special dip for your husband, actually read the label on bottle in the cupboard. Don’t assume the cap on the top gives it’s contents away. Because then you will have to go back to the grocery store an hour after your last visit and 20 minutes before the Big Game.

Hail – or maybe it was sleet. I have NEVER really known the difference. Unless its larger than a nickel. Then I assume its hail. (It was actually really weird and lasted about 3 minutes straight. Munchkin was CONVINCED it was snow and wanted to catch the small pellets of ice in her mouth. That had bad idea written all over it, so I said no.)

Instagram – trying to master the hashtag. Oy!

Joann Fabrics – apparently you MUST go at least twice a week if you’re me. Its become my new Target.

Latitude – a restaurant we went to for my birthday. It was delicious!

Molars – two of them for Little Man. At the same time.

Naps – apparently if you are Little Man and fall asleep in the car 10 minutes from the house and no one can wake you up while riding in the car – via yelling, turning the radio on full blast, etc. – then that qualifies as a full nap and there will not BE a normal nap.

Octonauts – I know all about Cone Snails now. Munchkin has watched the same episode for the past four days. Little Man is enthralled, too.

Popcorn – apparently Munchkin inherited my palate. She ate 80% of the bowl!

Snow – a dusting today, but its all melted.

Turner, Nancy – reading her stuff is delightful, but I’m also super tired and fall asleep. Every night.

Valentines – made our first class set of these! Munchkin wanted to know why we weren’t making HER one….

Walking – all around the place. Unless he wants to get there FAST – then he crawls.

Yellow-Brown Bananas – Banana bread (which is disgusting) is a hit with the small people (thanks, Mom). So now I buy extra bananas and watch them get brown on purpose so we can make more.

So there you have it!  The past week or two in our home!  Sorry there aren’t any pictures – I keep forgetting to take them.  Boo, Erin, Boo!

Here’s a couple of fun ones, just because!


They are playing with finger lights.


A Low-Key Weekend. Unless You Count the Big Game.

Dear Erin,

I hope you enjoyed your week off. It looks like you’ve been productive over at the shop. I, on the other hand, have just been doing life. Oh, there was a little sporting event here over the weekend.


That would be the Blue Angels flying almost right over our house (as in, it looked like they were right on top of the church a block over) on their way to the Super Bowl yesterday. They were surprisingly quiet and really rather lovely up close in formation.

Other than some increased traffic and far-off fireworks, that’s the only part of the hullabaloo we really experienced first hand. We didn’t go down to SF to check out the “experiences,” we didn’t stalk the players practicing at the local colleges, we pretty much avoided likely crowds.

We’re so boring.

We did watch the game. Or, to be more accurate, Charles watched on and off, I knitted on and off, and Little Mister filled up our “off” time as best he knew how: he did puzzles with me and ran around the top floor with his father. LM either counts (“1, 2, 8, run!”) and they run from one room into another, or he names his favorite variant of running game (“Geet you!”), where you’re supposed to run around the dining room table and then catch him up and tickle him.


Other than that, there was a little exploring.


A little creating. It was a good weekend.

Some Time Away

Dear Erin,

I know all the snow is a hassle (at least, I know it abstractly; snowfalls are not a normal part of my life and never have been), but you make it sound both fun and cozy. And you got a proper snowman out of it, which is impressive. I remember our little snowman that we built on the side of the road one year on the way to New Hampshire for Christmas and how much work it was. That was, what, thirty <cough, cough> years ago?

So no snow here. This is what it looked like this weekend.


I feel slightly guilty posting this picture at you, but you’ll notice it’s not stopping me. I took the weekend off. Left Little Mister with Charles and went to a church women’s retreat. And it was lovely. Both outside.


You can just see the rainbow starting to form above the wave.


My phone is very artsy on my behalf.

And inside.

20160123_173524The speaker was good, the seminars were pretty good, the fellowship was very nice. It was a good break until Sunday, when I got to come home to this little monster


Sorry, not the best quality picture.

and his dad, who had sent me lots of pictures of them having fun over the weekend so I could relax and not worry about them. A thoughtful man, isn’t he?

Since then, I’ve been working on something that looks like this:


No details yet, but I’m guessing they’ll be a bit late getting to you, because whether or not the snow at your place slows them down, the monster at mine is also a very effective hindrance to such as this.

Snowed In

Dear Kristen,

As you alluded to in your last post, we’ve been pretty chilly over here.  The whole state, it seems, is snowed in – us included.

Here’s what being snowed in is like.


Waiting expectantly and looking for it starting at 7:00 – even though the forecast says it won’t start until 10.


The snow starts at 10 as forecasted and we are VERY excited.


This is her”excited” face.  At least in posed form…

Within an hour, hour and a half, this is how much snow there is:


And still it comes.  Munchkin wants to catch snowflakes in her mouth (and eat handfuls)

IMG_3168 so we’ve taken the time to get dressed (approximately 45 minutes – we started almost immediately after it started) and Little Man has a perpetual “Huh?” face.


He’s also extremely top heavy, so he falls over every time we sit him up.  But its a glorious time in the snow!  Matt and Munchkin stay out for a while and Little Man and I come in after about 15 minutes.  And the snow keeps coming.

And coming.

M & M go back out for a little in the afternoon, while Little Man and I enjoy the fire.

It keeps coming.


There’s a lot more snow. And a TON more wind.  So much wind that Little Man and I only last 5 minutes outside and when Munchkin finally comes in, there is snow in every possible crevice of clothing and she adamantly insists she doesn’t want to go back out. As the day progresses, the red sled that was fully visible at 11 is completely covered by 3.  The wind howls and it looks like a white out.  No one is out.


The wind has stopped, the snow has stopped, and the sun is out!  There’s been no sign of a snow plow in our neighborhood and the total accumulations from the storm are coming in.  11-16 inches in our area (we had about a foot).  2 feet at Matt’s parents’ house.  And almost 3 FEET at his aunt’s!

We will see this stuff for a. while.


But sunny days, I have been assured, are the best snow days.  Perfect for building snow forts


and snowmen.


Eventually the snow plow will appear and we’ll be able to get out, but for now we’re set with firewood, coffee, and popcorn.

Christmas Knitting, pt. 2

Dear Erin,

I had meant to write on this last Friday, thereby making last week a knitting-themed week, but it didn’t work out. It seems like your recent travels have been successful in the sense of getting to where you’re going safely, for which I’m always thankful. I think you’re home for a little while now? In fact, perhaps you might be stuck at home for awhile with the winter storm you’re supposedly going to get.


I could have sent you this to help keep you warm, but it was a Christmas gift for another family member, and it was gone before the holidays.

So, I guess I actually couldn’t have sent it to you.

It’s a cowl – Spectral – in yarn Miss Babs Yummy. It was a kit I bought last year, so only a little bit of each of 5 colors, and the satisfaction of having a purpose for materials, applying them to that purpose, and using them all up to create and give away something someone will like. Win win win.

The woolly goodness I have on the needles right now is going to you, so no pictures at the moment. It’s going faster than anticipated. I might actually get it to you close to on time, and that would be a win win win, too!