Life of the Party

Dear Erin,

So Little Man is ready to add to the noise level in your house. Congratulations? Just kidding, that’s awesome news! I thought you just had a deep and profound thinker on your hands with that one.

Last night was a late one for us, so it’s kind of quiet around here today. Two of our very good friends got married (to each other; it was convenient that way), and Charles was the best man.


We clean up pretty well, right? It’s a little hard to see, but Little Mister’s tie is similar to his daddy’s. Seeing them together was like watching Charles walking around with a mini-me.

It was a lovely ceremony (at least, I’m pretty sure it was; I spent the entire time in the back with LM trying to keep him relatively quiet and non-disruptive. We’ll just ignore the screaming right as the bride was about to start her vows.), in a hollow, with the hills rising all around, a grove of trees with a creek winding along. Really, quite a beautiful place. And a good time with a fun bunch of people.

It turns out we’ve been raising a dancing man! He wasn’t into the food, and the toasts left him cold, but when the music started, Little Mister became the life of the party. I wish I had gotten some good pictures, but I was too busy laughing. Imagine this: he’s standing in the middle of a circle of people, all dancing and looking at him, and he’s bouncing and swinging his arms up and down, and everyone’s laughing. Then he gets passed from person to person as they all want to dance with him. If you held him and didn’t dance, he’d bounce for himself. He absolutely loved it.


This is at nearly ten o’clock. He was still having fun, although he would crash about thirty seconds after this picture. So I think today will be devoted to recovery from all that fun. But, now I know: my boy’s gotta dance!

Talk Like A Parrot Day

Dear Kristen,

Are those your same boots from…forever ago?  If so, you’ve gotten Mom and Dad’s money out of them!  I’m sorry your adventure was cut short – or cut differently, since it wasn’t really all that short of an adventure.  But I know that when LM is bigger, you will be chasing him up mountains, not just in the parking lot!

I’m not doing much chasing of my own LM around here.  He likes to roll, but no crawling yet.  He is, however, making other milestones.

First tooth FINALLY.  He’s been drooling like…well, like Gibbs when I’m making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Drooling waterfalls.


Sleeping WONDERFULLY. No more crazy 9:00 wake-ups.

Sitting…kinda.  Its really more like, falling in slow motion.  But he can do a couple of minutes, so that’s exciting.

And in the last couple of days he’s found his voice – and he likes it!  Munchkin does enough talking for the both of them.  And until recently, he’s been content to let her do it for him.  She translates his mouthy silent smile to meet her whim and he’s happy to play along.  He wants a new toy, he wants me to read THIS book, he wants to watch a show.  Oh wait.  Now she’s talking for herself.

Anyways, he’s making noisy noises, and they sound a lot like a parrot.  Or a pterodactyl. But we’ll go with parrot today, since he’s wearing his pirate uniform.


Its fun and adorable.

And loud.

Not Meant to Be

Dear Erin,

I know you’ve been going back and forth with your “Horizon” internet people, so I’m glad you were able to post on Monday. (Yay! You win!! or won, anyway.) I have no such excuse for last Friday, but I’ll do the usual and blame it on Little Mister. This time, we’ll say … oh, um … transitioning nap times. Yes, that sounds good. He didn’t sleep (when I expected him to), so therefore I couldn’t write.

Yep, I'm blaming him when he's not here to defend himself.

Yep, I’m blaming him when he’s not here to defend himself.

I was going to tell you about that book I was reading last week. It was pretty enjoyable, and an easy, quick read, which is a plus sometimes. But I’m going to put that off again (which itself might tell you something about the book), and instead tell you about what happened – or didn’t happen, to be more precise – on Friday.

So, I got this baby back carrier, and although it was a good deal, I want to make sure that I actually use it, especially before it gets too darn hot in the afternoons here. I’ve taken LM out once, and that went pretty well, so on Friday, I decided to take him to Rancho San Antonio.

san antonio

I have come to this park twice, I think. Once when we first moved here, I went with a friend and enjoyed it. The second time, I went with Mom and Dad, when LM was just a few months old, but it was nearly 100 degrees with practically no shade, and I just couldn’t see it with such a little boy.

But Friday was cool, and LM has a big hat now, so I thought we’d try again. I was all prepared before we left – water, sunscreen, extra clothes and diaper for him, snacks for both of us, plus the baby, all to go in the carrier. Not sure how I thought I’d be hiking very far with all that on my back, but I figured I’d look for the flat paths.

The first problem was that it’s been awhile since I’ve been there, so I took the wrong exit off the interstate. Got stuck behind a doublewide. Got cut off. Couldn’t turn left, then couldn’t turn right, then couldn’t make a U-turn. It took me five or ten minutes to get back on track. Annoying, but fine, it wasn’t going to derail my plans.

Got to the park. Took another wrong turn. (Then another.) At this point, you might ask your sister where her head was at. I don’t know; I just don’t know. I did eventually get to where I wanted to be. Annoying, but fine. We’re here; we’re going to do this hike.

Then it’s ten minutes of changing the baby (see how I was thinking ahead?) and chasing him around so I could get sunscreen on him. And he was finally dressed, anointed, and corralled.

ready to hike

And not super happy about it. But fine, we’re here; we’re going to do this hike.

Then I reached into the passenger seat to get the camera and felt something odd about my left foot.

broken boot

Okay, sorry it’s not a great picture. But I hope you can tell that that’s not a shadow. That’s the sole of my boot, separating from the rest.

So, after all that, no hiking. Couldn’t even really let LM run around because I couldn’t chase him very effectively. So I drove him over to Charles’s office and handed him off to his father for a few minutes while I drank a large coffee. (That’s an acceptable substitute at 3 in the afternoon for a large glass of wine, right?)

I suggested that a building full of engineers should have a roll of duct tape, which I could use to do a quick repair and maybe try again. But he pointed out that they were software engineers and this was a hardware problem. (I remain skeptical. I think they must have a closet full somewhere and just don’t want to share.)

But some days, you’ve just got to accept that you’re just not going to do that hike. It’s just not meant to be.

Fore – Score and 1 Year Ago (+ or -)…

Dear Kristen,

I hope your 2nd Mother’s Day with LM was delightful and you were treated like a Queen.  Munchkin kept telling me I was a Queen and she was a Princess.  And Little Man was her Prince.  But who was Daddy?  There were fun surprises and yummy food all day long; it really was a great day, with beautiful weather to accompany it.  Today, not so much.  Rain, thanks to the first storm of the season.  Ana is pre-gaming it, if you know what I mean.

The rain and the festivities of the past weekend remind me of something from years past.  About 21 years to be exact.  Or 19.  I’m not sure.

The TPC.  (Question, since you are the English expert: If TPC stands for The Players Championship, do you put “the” before it when you abbreviate it?  Then wouldn’t it be The The Players Championship?  But that’s just not right…)

Future LPGA star

Future LPGA star

Anyways, the TPC was last weekend and I didn’t watch ANY of it.  Have never even heard of the guy who won.  I know a few of the names, since Matt enjoys occasionally watching golf, as does Munchkin. She likes to say that the player wins every time the ball goes in the hole.  She would be a great esteem booster for any golfer feeling a bit out of sorts.  If you ever get the ball in, even after missing and missing and missing, “Yay!! You win!!”

I went to the TPC once.  I went with Dad and our uncle and cousin.  Do you remember this?  I remember – it was awesome…or kinda.

They got tickets for, either Thursday or Friday, and that meant I got out of school. AWESOME.  I got out of school for a FUN reason, not a “I’m literally sick, not just faking it” reason.  I was excited!  At that point, I’d never played, but I could still appreciate the game.  But in classic Florida summertime fashion, a thunderstorm moved in, and play was delayed…after we arrived. My fear at that moment was that I’d have to go to school anyways, but I didn’t!

Plan B – go to the nearest mall for lunch and maybe a movie!  It was raining, so of course this makes sense.  This hooky day was turning out to be not that bad, at all….Except the movie we could get into was the kind of humor that middle and high school boys enjoy, but makes 8th (or 10th) grade girls uncomfortable.  Especially if they are the only girl in the group.  So Dad and I left.

Plan C – the GAP.  Now, this was before half my wardrobe bared this label.  In fact, I think GAP was just starting to make it big in our suburbia-land.  It was when they had GAP written on the front of EVERY shirt they sold.  (I’m glad they don’t do that anymore.)

For those of you who have never ventured to Florida in the spring, summer, or fall, there’s a little fact you need to know.  It may be in the 80s or 90s outside, but its a crisp 60 degrees in every building.  Cardigans are useful.  Or oversized t-shirts if its the 1990s.  Which it was.  So that’s what Dad bought me at the GAP.  I loved it.  And wore it and wore it and wore it out.  It was AWESOME.  I wish I had a picture of it to share – olive green, three buttons on the front, wide band on the bottom like a sweatshirt, but it wasn’t really a sweatshirt…. I’m actually not sure what happened to it, but as I sit here trying to remember, I’ve decided that it did have holes in the cuff so there’s a chance Mom made it disappear.  (I know you will say that that didn’t happen, Mom, but I also know you don’t remember cutting off all my curls…and that DID happen.  So there’s a chance this happened, too.)

And that was my experience at the TPC.

It sounds as if everyone who attended this weekend got a better view of actual golfing than I did 20 years ago, for which Munchkin and I say, “Yay! You win!!”

And Mom, I’m sure I made my hole-y shirt disappear.  “Yay!  You win, too!” Happy Mother’s Day!

Crisis Averted

Dear Kristen,

Thank you for the recommendation – I’m always looking for book and movie suggestions for those quiet, exhausted moments in the week.  Now that we are getting near the end of the seasons for the few shows we watch, it’ll be good to have this in my back pocket.

This week, we had a major crisis.  It wasn’t the continual flow of…stuff from both children’s noses for the past week.  Or the rattly cough Little Man is sporting. Or the two times I’ve been in the midst of dinner preparations only to find I was missing a key ingredient.

No. None of those things are really all that bad.  Inconvenient, maybe a little sad, but not really a crisis.

Crisis = Both the Internet and cable stopped working yesterday.

Now, I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal – but when you’ve been all over town for the whole afternoon and Munchkin thinks she’ll be able to watch a show when she gets home – probably Daddy’s show, but still a show – and the above catastrophe has swooped down and claimed the stage that is your house….

You walk in two minutes behind your excited toddler only to enter the house to wails.

I thought she had run into a wall or something, the screaming was so loud.

Disclaimer: Maybe this reflects a little poorly on my parenting, but really – its the time of the day to make dinner.  Is she a little too obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Yes. But after attempting to stimulate her in appropriate, educational, and active play all day, a girl needs a break in order to feed the family.  Or we will all starve.  I vote television for the 5:00 hour.

Someday, when Little Mister is older and you experience this, please tell me how you explain to the small toddler what the internet is, and how nothing works because its not working.  The best thing I’ve come up with so far is the internet is magic and the magic temporarily ran out.  I have zero idea how the internet works.  In fact, you could hold my feet to the fire and I’d still say the same thing.  Magic.

This is the second time in as many weeks that there’s been something off with our system and it has baffled the powers that be at our carrier – who’s name rhymes with “horizon.” Estimated time of being fixed? Two days later.  And please stay at your house on Thursday between the hours of 8 and 4, so that we can come by between 10 and 2.  Because we might show up two hours early.  Or stay two hours late.  We just don’t know.

Well, the tears subsided, dinner was completed, children put in bed, and I was deciding on what movie I would stick in to wile the evening away, when I noticed my phone was connected to the internet.


So I turned on the cable box. It worked, too.

Magic, indeed.

Now, does this mean the Horizon guy is still coming between 8 and 4 on Thursday?  Cause I have things to do….