It’s Coming

Dear Erin,

I feel like maybe I should ship you some sunscreen so you can close your eyes and smell it and pretend it’s almost summer. I will definitely be praying that the next time you get down to Florida, it will be warm and sunny every day you’re there.

But you’re not really doing anything to convince me that we need to move back to the East Coast, I’m afraid. Brr!

It was a quiet weekend here in Lake Wobegon San Jose. Charles was gone to a men’s retreat, so it was just the Little Mister and me, which could have been totally fun. But unfortunately I was sick and wasn’t up to much. We just got out onto the playground on Saturday and to church on Sunday.

So to give you a little sunshine to look at, and to make it easy on me, here are some pictures of the hike Little Mister and I took a couple weeks ago – his last in the front carrier. He’s too heavy for it now.

alumrockfeb5 alumrockfeb4 alumrockfeb3 alumrockfeb2 alumrockfeb1

And, finally, one from today. LM is encouraging you to hold out. Summer’s coming!



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