Living the GF Life

Dear Little Mister,


Dear Kristen,

Enjoy the sunshine.  It’s trying to come out here – but I told Matt, three warm days does not mean spring is ACTUALLY here.  So I am not putting up spring decorations or packing up the heavy winter coats and blankets just yet.

I am, however, trying to find some good gluten free recipes and have attempted making gluten free bread…with limited success.  We went gluten free in August – focusing just on Matt originally.  But it seems Little Man may have inherited his daddy’s allergy (plus an intolerance to dairy and nuts) so gluten free is on the menu for everyone.

Though we aren’t trendy people, its good that the trend exists as it gives us more options.  Barilla and Fritos – thank you. But still, its a little rough.  While my nose is wooed by the smell of fresh bread, my taste buds are accosted by the taste of…something else.  I am dying for a donut – and the end is in sight for me.  My heart hurts for Matt.  No donuts.  At least no “no consequences donuts.”

Unless the recipes from this site actually work.

I’ve tried four different recipes for GF bread in our bread machine, all subpar in taste and/or texture.  But there’s a number of people who have suggested Gluten Free on a Shoestring for help with baked goods.  She doesn’t have a bread machine recipe on-line, but I don’t mind.  I’m going to try it ANYWAYS.  And donuts and biscuits and pie and who knows what else.  And I’ve ordered one of her cookbooks, so hopefully I won’t feel stuck in the rut of tacos and shepherd’s pie.

If gluten free is the permanent reality for 50% of our family, its worth the trial and error.  Because what if the claim of her Gluten-Free Classic Snacks cookbook is true???

I’m not into the whole copy the Little Debbie treats, but Pepperidge Farm Milanos?  Or Girl Scout Thin Mints?  What would Little Man’s childhood be like with NO GIRL SCOUT COOKIES.  Bleak. Bland. Altogether pretty shabby, I’d say.

To go this route, the most cost effective method of getting ingredients that I’ve found is through an on-line vendor.  And to avoid the extra cost of shipping, I place a big order that lasts about 2.5 months.  Like this one:


Except this round I mistakingly ordered these – Nine-Zero-Zero strikes again.  Let’s add ordering things on-line to the list of things I can’t accomplish successfully after 9:00.


I have NO idea what to do with them.  Apparently you can pop the sorghum as if its popcorn.  I’m skeptical, but can’t think of (haven’t found) anything else appetizing to do with it, so I’m gonna give it shot.


9 thoughts on “Living the GF Life

  1. I think you can grind both of those to use as flours. A crepe bar near me in AZ uses buckwheat for crepes and I personally looove buckwheat pancakes!
    Jealous of your baking time!

    • I hadn’t thought of grinding them, Lisa. Thanks for the tip! I actually thought I was buying buckwheat flour because Matt likes buckwheat waffles – I just ended up with something else…. 🙂

  2. Hi Erin!! And Kristen!!!
    What a fun blog! Such adorable children!!!
    I just wanted to pass on a blog I follow, she was diagnosed celiac after the birth of her son and posts some scrumptious looking ideas…I’m sure you will get the hang of it all.
    Hope you are both doing well.

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