A Note from LM

Dear Aunt Erin,

Thank you for my cow.


It is my new best friend, and we have long conversations after bedtime every night. Last night, we had a very fun time because Daddy came to get us when it was very dark and late. But we weren’t sleepy, so Daddy took us upstairs and we got to play with Mommy and Daddy for a long time and play “Peek-a-boo Cow” and “Dive Bombing Cow,” which are the BEST GAMES EVER! Mommy and Daddy were talking about whether my cow was a boy or a girl, and I didn’t really understand that, except that Daddy was looking at his flat computer toy that they never let me play with.

And then he said that Mommy was wrong about something – all cows being girls or something like that – and then I stopped listening because it was much more fun to climb and jump and squeal, and I was not tired. But then I think I yawned one too many times because they took me back downstairs, even though I was NOT tired. And I don’t remember anything else before this morning. I don’t know what my cow’s name is yet, even though Daddy keeps calling it Mr. Cow. Maybe that’s it, but it hasn’t told me yet. I will let you know when I know.

I love you, Aunt Erin! Kisses from me and Mr. Cow (who might be a girl).

Little Mister


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